Consider IT Done

Our Expertise, unparalleled experience in delivering IT solutions
& communications services to remote locations.


We work closely with our clients to create service plans that are customized to your specific needs and support packages that grow and change as your production does


We oversee hundreds of production networks each year. The Exchange team manages and maintains the complex networks of a number of production facilities across the country


Unparalleled experience in delivering IT and communication services to remote locations. We pioneered the use and implementation of satellite technology to provide critical communications options for basic communication and advanced applications for VFX and Post.


Internet is the new life blood of production, connecting crew, cast and vendors to the rest of the world. Choosing the correct solution is critical. Exchange is the expert at evaluating Internet service providers and coordinating the installation of Internet services for your production. We handle every part of the relationship from start to finish, ensuring that you’ll be up and running as fast as possible.


When it comes to setting up your data network, we’ve got you covered. We can customize any location to your specific needs. We understand the special requirements of Accounting, Post and VFX. Our team of experts triple check everything so your team stays connected.

Security Solutions

Exchange has a perfect track record in keeping production sites secure from hacks. Our Internet access, network security and video surveillance solutions will keep your data safe from outside threats.

Video & Teleconferencing

The cast is ready, the studio executives are watching…Production meetings and read throughs are an integral part of the pre production process. Exchange conferencing solutions allow your team to collaborate in real time, anywhere, everywhere.

Phone Systems

Whether its two phones for a SetDec warehouse or 100+ phones for the production office, our team can customize your phone system exactly how you like it. Our reliable phone system and voice solutions stay functional and flexible to match your production’s needs as they change and grow.


The use of wireless devices such as smartphones, laptops and iPads in the production office has
exploded in recent years. We understand the complexity of making all of these devices work together, all
of the time. When the Producer can’t get online with his iPad, it’s a bad day for everyone.

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