Film – Does It Exist in a Classic Sense Anymore?

Recently, news broke that Martin Scorsese’s new project The Irishman left Paramount and decided to go to Netflix. Industry eyebrows were raised and film big-wigs were shocked – for what it’s worth, we’re talking about Martin Scorsese, the absolute legend that has devoted his life to the medium that is film. Scorsese, a remaining bastion of traditionalism, has always supported … Read More

Good Producers and Their Attributes

Exchange Communications - Good Producers

There’s a notion in the film and television production world that holds that the creative element is king. That’s not to say creative types and artists aren’t important…they are definitely a huge piece of the puzzle. The truth is the industry requires a strong collaborative bond between creative types and production types. A good, honest producer is worth their weight … Read More

Independent Film Festivals – Engaging Foundational Audiences

Exchange Communications - Film Festivals

Every year, the independent film industry puts on a wide range of events that showcase up-and-coming indie films, shorts, and other cinematic pieces. You’ve probably heard of festivals like Cannes, Sundance, and Tribeca that top the list of festivals that every producer wishes they could break into. However, most filmmakers have to forge their careers through years of networking and … Read More

Building A Production Facility – The Right Way

Exchange Communications - Production Studios

With more and more digital outlets for film and television content available in our modern world, the production industry is seeing a surge in new facilities opening in states that offer incentivized tax credits for film production ventures. Opening a production studio sounds like a great money-making idea in a hot market, but a lot of prospective owners don’t have … Read More